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All of us are unique and so is our genetic makeup. We react differently to medications, have different risk factors for certain conditions, and will respond better to some forms of treatment than others.



Genetic testing gives you and your doctor the tools to tailor a treatment that works for you. Genetic testing can help provide doctors and clinicians with the vital information they need to make the best choice for your healthcare.

We offer a range of genetic screening options in collaboration with Myogenes.

In the UK, around 375,000 people will be diagnosed with cancer every year. That’s 1,000 cases of cancer diagnosed every single day. 

One of the keys to successful cancer treatment is being able to diagnose and seek treatment as early as possible. Hereditary cancer testing will give you insight and information into types of genetic cancer you may be at an increased risk for. Studies show inherited genetic mutations can increase the lifetime risk of cancer up to 40 times. 

Genetic testing can determine your individual risk factor and create a more comprehensive picture of your family health. This helps you make proactive choices with your doctor to look after your health. For example, if you’re at an increased risk for breast cancer, you may benefit from regular breast screenings so warning signs can be detected, and treated, early.

Our hereditary cancer test is a completely non-invasive procedure and is a simple saliva-based test that will analyse 98 genes. This can then be used to give information on your personal risk factor for 25 inherited cancer types.  

For many people dealing with mental health issues, medication can be a fantastic way to help treat their condition and take back control of their life. However, medication often follows a trial and error approach. This can leave you can suffering from unpleasant medication side-effects or with medication that doesn’t alleviate your condition at all. 

75% of patients dealing with schizophrenia discontinued medication use after 18 months because of the side effects of medication. Finding the right medication is an essential part of treatment. 

Psychiatric pharmacogenetics testing helps eliminate the trial and error approach by giving clinicians the full picture of your individual genetic makeup. This makes it easier to prescribe medication that will work for you as part of your mental health plan. genetic testing can lead to significant reductions in medication side effects which facilitate a better quality of life and recovery period. 

This non-invasive test is a simple cheek-swab test that analyses 18 key genes. The genetic profile this builds can offer information on your likely medication response for a wide range of medications including depression, anxiety, chronic pain, OCD, ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. 

Studies have shown psychiatric pharmacogenetics testing offers clinically measurable improvements of up to 91% for patients previously labelled as treatment-resistant. 

If you want to take control of your health, the health and wellbeing test is for you. With a simple saliva-based test, we can analyse over 110 genetic variations including: 

  • Vitamin, mineral and salt requirements
  • Bone density
  • Influences on eating habits
  • Metabolism of alcohol, caffeine, lactose and gluten
  • Antioxidant genes
  • Genetic determinants of addictions and ageing
  • Sports and recreation genetics

Thanks to advances in science and genetic testing, we can now use the information found in genetic testing to understand which diets and lifestyle choices will work best for you. 

Our health and wellbeing tests will provide you with a comprehensive guide, including user-friendly DNA analysis and detailed nutritional and exercise recommendations. This is a powerful tool to use with your doctor to create an optimal path for your diet and lifestyle. 

Many of the medications used to treat common conditions can have negative side effects on patients. 


In fact, 40%-50% won’t respond to the first medication they try. This includes medication for conditions such as asthma, diabetes and arthritis, which are all increasingly common conditions. 


Rises in technology have allowed us to make use of personalised medicine, called pharmacogenetic, where an individual’s genetic makeup is used to predict their response to treatment. This means your doctor will be able to prescribe medications you have a much better chance of responding well to. It’s difficult enough to deal with an illness, let alone dealing with unwanted side effects from medication that is meant to help. 


Our Pharamacogentic test is a simple, non-invasive, cheek swab test that can analyse over 200 variants within 50 well-established pharmacogenomic genes. 


We can offer information on a wide array of medical specialities including: 

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