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Mammography is a crucial method of breast screening that uses the power of X-rays to identify breast cancers early when they are too small to feel or see.

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Mammography in Canary Wharf


A mammogram is an X-ray of your breasts. X-rays use high energy rays to take pictures of the inside of your body.

You might have mammograms:

  • as part of routine breast screening
  • to check for cancer if you have symptoms that could be due to breast cancer.

The health professionals who take mammograms are called mammographers. The mammogram itself usually only takes a few minutes, but the appointment may last about 30 minutes.

As part of our mammogram service we are able to provide:

  • Private mammograms for patients aged 40+
  • Results with a fast turnaround
  • Tomosynthesis (3D mammography)

What is Tomosynthesis (3D mammography)

At our LycaHealth breast centres, the mammogram machines we use have tomosynthesis capability. This means our radiologists can capture a 3D view of your breast; making it much easier to detect cancer because the breast can be viewed from a variety of angles.

We are passionate about providing our patients with access to the highest quality healthcare and diagnostic tools there is to offer.

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How much does a private Mammogram cost?

Prices at our Canary Wharf clinic start at £250 for Unilateral Mammogram, £270 for a Bilateral Mammogram and £125 for a Further View Mammogram (Mag/paddle).

Costs for private Tomosynthesis mammography starts at £260 for a Unilateral Tomosynthesis and £290 for a Bilateral Tomosynthesis.

If you’d like to discuss options for breast screening at LycaHealth or would like to enquire about an appointment, please use our online enquiry form or call 0207 132 1440.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Unlike with some procedures, you can eat or drink as normal prior to your mammography appointment.
  • We ask that you do not use deodorant on the day of your appointment, as this can show up as white spots on your X-ray image.
  • During your mammogram, we will ask you to undress from the waist up. Therefore we would advise you to wear something comfortable that is easy to change out of; a skirt or trousers on the bottom half is often a preferred option.
  • If you’re currently pregnant, breastfeeding or have breast implants, do let us know before your appointment.
  • When you arrive at one of our breast centres you’ll be greeted by our friendly team; they are here to support you throughout your entire experience with us.

The procedure itself is very quick, and only lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. Your female mammographer will guide you through the entire process, making sure to go at a pace you are comfortable with.

  1. Once you have undressed, you’ll be asked to stand next to the mammogram machine where we will help get one of your breasts into position.
  2. The second X-ray plate will then be lowered onto your breast. This is so we can flatten the breast and get a detailed image.
  3. The mammographer will then take X-rays of your breast.
  4. Whilst the X-rays are being taken, your mammographer may go behind a screen and you’ll be asked to keep still.
  5. This process will then be repeated for your other breast.
  6. Our team will then review your X-rays to check for any abnormalities.

Generally, your results will be available to you within 72 working hours. The vast majority of mammogram results come back as normal (around four in every 100 people who have a mammogram are called back for further breast testing). It’s important to remember that if this does happen, it doesn’t mean that you have cancer, it simply means we need to take a further look at what’s going on.

Should we find something abnormal on your mammogram, our team of breast care specialists will devise the most appropriate pathway for managing your condition. We will help you to arrange any necessary follow up appointments and tests to ensure that you receive all the information, advice and support you need at this time.

If you are wondering ‘where can I get a mammogram near me’ and you’re able to reach East London easily, look no further than our Canary Wharf clinic. We provide the highest quality healthcare, diagnostic tools and breast screening services to our patients.

  • We utilise digital mammography providing 3D images for more detailed and accurate results. This technique helps us to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages.
  • You have control over the compression of your breasts. This allows for a more comfortable, and less painful experience compared to traditional mammograms.
  • We provide a one-stop breast clinic. This means that everything from your initial consultation to your results (and diagnosis if necessary) is handled on-site. Should you need further tests or treatment following your private mammogram in London, we can handle everything for you.
  • Rapid diagnostic times, allowing you to get your mammogram results back in as little as 24 hours. We know that waiting for your results can be an anxious time, which is why we aim to deliver them as quickly as possible.
  • Our expert team of leading breast care specialists are here to look after you; with years of experience in breast care.
  • Private mammograms can be booked in two convenient locations; Canary Wharf, London and Orpington, Kent.

To get a Mammogram appointment you will require a referral from a doctor. You can not book an appointment for a private mammogram Scan by self referral.

If you do not have a referral, please visit our breast care services to book an appointment.

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