Private CT Scan London (CT: 128 Slice)

We offer a state-of-the-art CT scanning service using the Philips ‘Ingenuity’ 128 Slice CT scanner. This allows us to view internal structures within your body in exceptional detail; providing you with highly accurate results in a short result turnaround time. If you are looking to book a private CT scan in Canary Wharf, London, look no further than LycaHealth.

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CT Scan: 128 Slice

What is a CT scan and what is it used for?

This scan can be used as a diagnostic tool, as well as a way for doctors to monitor health conditions. CT imaging allows us to take a deeper look into the body’s internal organs, particularly within the abdomen and chest, however, it can also be used to look at joints and bones, blood flow and soft tissue.

CT scans can be used for, amongst other things, detecting cancer, examining patients who have experienced physical trauma and early detection of vascular disease. For example, it can help us diagnose diseases like lung cancer and coronary artery disease, as well as screening for bowel cancer. Unlike a regular x-ray, this type of scanning provides highly detailed imagery, allowing for deeper investigation and diagnosis. Here at LycaHealth, we use the 128 slice CT scanner as it uses lower levels of radiation without compromising on the quality of the results and it is virtually noise-free, allowing for a more relaxing scanning process. We are passionate about providing our patients with access to high-end technology, enabling us to offer a superior quality of private healthcare.

Private CT scan cost London

Are you wondering “how much is a CT scan in London?”, our private scan start from just £450. You can view our full self-pay price list here. If you would like to book an appointment, please contact our care team in Canary Wharf today. Alternatively, use our secure online portal to make register your private scanning referral today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will be advised if you need to abstain from eating or drinking prior to your CT scan. Any pre-existing illnesses or conditions will be discussed with your radiologist before undergoing the procedure. Patients will be asked to remove anything that could affect the scan, for example; jewellery, glasses, hearing aids, dental works (if possible) and hair accessories. If you have any questions or concerns before your scan, our team is here to help and put you at ease.

Depending on the reason for your scan, you may need to be given an injection of contrast just before your scan. This helps to enhance the quality of the imagery from the scan, helping us to take a deeper look into the area we are scanning.

During the CT scan itself, you will be required to lie on a flatbed and stay very still throughout, this ensures we get the highest quality images. The CT scanner, which is shaped like a ring, passes over the body, but does not cover the entire body at any time. Patients are able to talk to the radiographer via intercom during the scan.

A CT scan takes between 10-30 minutes depending on the information required and the area of the body being scanned. We will be able to give you more specific information on this after your initial consultation.

The scan itself is completely painless, so there is no need to worry. The main concern we see in patients is them feeling claustrophobic, something our team is here to help you with. Let your radiographer know beforehand if you think you might find it difficult.

CT scanning uses more x-rays than a conventional x-ray, so you are exposed to a very small amount of radiation. However, this is highly unlikely to cause any long-term harm. We advise that pregnant women should not have a CT scan unless absolutely necessary. Young children are at greater risk than adults so again, the procedure is recommended only if they have a serious condition. Before you book in for your CT scan in London, we will assess your suitability and will recommend what we think is best for you.

The main difference between a CT and an MRI scan is that CT scanning uses x-rays, which causes exposure to a small amount of radiation, whereas an MRI scan uses a magnetic field. An MRI unit will surround the entire body, however, a CT scanner is a doughnut-shaped ring that passes around the body. Generally, an MRI scan will also take longer to carry out. Find out more about our private MRI scan in London.

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