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Swift Verruca and Wart Treatment

Swift Verruca and Wart Treatment is the pioneering new microwave therapy for the treatment of hand and feet warts including verrucae. With treatment times in seconds, Swift provides patients an effective, precise and easy way of treating verrucae, warts and plantar warts.

With Swift Verruca and Wart Treatment there are a number of benefits:

  • No anaesthetic required – Patients report that discomfort caused by the treatment only lasts 2-3 seconds, and dissipates instantly once the treatment is over – leaving only low levels of post-procedural pain*. Patients can return to normal daily activity as soon as they walk out of the door


  • Only minimal reduction necessary – Only a light debridement is necessary to ensure a clean surface contact with the Swift applicator


  • No dressings usually required – As microwaves do not break the surface of the skin, the requirement for post-procedural padding or dressings is greatly reduced

Swift Verruca and Wart Treatment is available at the following clinic

Swift Verruca and Wart Treatment is available from the following clinician


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