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COVID-19 Coronavirus Testing London

LycaHealth is pleased to be offering private COVID-19 Coronavirus testing across the UK, allowing you to access exceptional healthcare in a time you need it most. Continue reading to find out more about our private COVID-19 Coronavirus testing service, who can access it and how we can help you.

Private COVID-19 Coronavirus Tests in London

To find out more about either our COVID-19 antibody test in London please go to the service pages linked below.

(NEW) COVID-19 Coronavirus Test – Antibody

LycaHealth is now offering two COVID-19 antibody testing kits in London:

COVID-19 Blood Test

  • This antibody test is taken at our London clinic
  • Antibody test results available within 1-2 working days
  • Tests are £89 per person

COVID-19 Antibody Rapid Test

  • This antibody test is taken at our London clinic
  • Antibody test results available within 15 minutes
  • Tests are £45 per person

Both tests look for the presence of coronavirus antibodies in the blood, a positive result indicates that you have previously been infected with COVID-19/coronavirus. Both of these tests are to be taken in our Canary Wharf clinic, are approved by Public Health England and are fully compliant with government guidelines.

Find out more about the COVID-19 antibody test here.

Ordering COVID-19 Coronavirus Testing Kits

To order with our of our private coronavirus testing kits, please visit our  COVID-19 Antibody Test page.

Please fill out the online form, and a member of our team will be in contact with you shortly.

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Clinic Protocol

We have put together a clinical protocol on how to minimise the spread of the infection in the clinic, to keep our visitors and our team safe. Please see how we are keeping you all safe below:

  • When we book patients in, we are conducting a screening questionnaire over the phone to see if they have had any flu list symptoms. If so, they will be asked to avoid coming to our London clinic.
  • We are asking patients to bring in their own masks.
  • All patients and all staff are required to wear a mask in the clinic. If a patient refuses to wear a mask we have the right to turn them away or ask them to leave the clinic.
  • When a patient arrives at our clinic in Canary Wharf or Orpington, they will stand in a taped area. Here will we take their temperature, and record this on a physical copy of their screening questionnaire.
  • All patients will be asked to use a hand sanitiser upon their arrival, and also use any other extra dispensers available throughout the building.
  • Staff are cleaning surfaces before and after each patient. This includes the seating area and scanning machines.
  • Our nurses are on hand to clean the rooms after each consultant has completed their clinics.
  • The patient seating area is zoned off so that we can control the number of patients in the centre at any one time.
  • Patients must arrive at the clinic alone, this is to control the number of people within the clinic. This is with the exception of those with mobility issues, or due to medical reasons, in which case they can bring one other person with them.
  • We have 2-metre stripes throughout and signage to encourage patients to adhere to social distancing rules.
  • For our external service partners, they are following our protocol but they are also screening via their own company protocol.

If you have any questions about our coronavirus infectious control guidelines, or you are concerned in any way, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic.

Video Consultations

We are pleased to have launched our video consultations service, allowing you to speak to a doctor online! Using this service, you’ll be able to access same-day appointments for some of our of in-clinic services, starting from just £55. Whilst this service is much safer at this time, it’s also much more convenient for our patients, and we are rapidly growing this service over the next few months.

How does the video consultation service work?

There is no download or installation process required, once you have booked you’ll receive a link direct to the video conference with your doctor. To find out more about this service, and the answers to many frequently asked questions around our video service, please visit our dedicated video service page here.


What is COVID-19 / Coronavirus?

  • Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that cause illnesses such as the common cold. There are hundreds of coronaviruses, most of which circulate among such animals, but sometimes they can spread to humans. Over the past 20 years, we have seen SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV). COVID-19 is the latest strain of coronavirus, which came from China in December of 2019.

How is Coronavirus spread?

  • COVID-19 Coronavirus is spread through respiratory droplets (from someone who is infected), through direct contact with an infected person, or by contact with objects or surfaces that are contaminated with the virus. You can become infected by the virus if these droplets enter the body through the eyes, nose or mouth.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

  • The three main symptoms of coronavirus are:
    • High temperature – do you feel hot to touch on your back or chest?
    • A new, continuous cough – have you been coughing a lot for more than an hour, or have you had three or more coughing episodes within the past 24 hours?
    • Loss of, or change in your sense of taste or smell.

Can I take the Antibody test at home? 

  • The COVID-19 antibody test must be taken at one of our clinics in London. With the rapid test, we will be able to tell you the results within 15 minutes of you taking the test. For the blood test, one of our nurses will carry this out for you in the clinic.

What can be done to stop the spread of the virus?

  • To stop the spread of the virus, we would advise you to stay informed on and follow up to date government guidelines, and ensure that you are regularly washing your hands.

How can I avoid exposure to infection?

  • Again, please stay informed on and follow up to date government guidelines, and ensure that you are regularly washing your hands.

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