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LycaHealth Physiotherapy, East London


LycaHealth Physiotherapy offers a range of private physiotherapy services at Canary Wharf in East London, and at Orpington in Kent. If you are looking for a private physiotherapy clinic in the East London area, LycaHealth Physiotherapy can offer you a thorough approach and the very highest quality care at your convenience. We offer a complete service, from initial appointment to treatment and aftercare, and can work with your existing pain consultant.

Your physiotherapist will help you to move better and with less pain as quickly as possible. They will undertake a physical examination, will provide you with a diagnosis, followed with a bespoke treatment plan and functional outcomes. Homework may include exercise, stretching, posture changes. Progress will be reviewed at follow-up appointment(s) if your physiotherapist thinks that this is required.

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a treatment designed to help recover and restore an individual’s movement and function when they have been affected by illness, surgery, disease or trauma. It is also a highly effective treatment for any muscle, nerve and joint conditions that you may be facing. Not only this, but physiotherapy can help to reduce your risk of injury in the future.

Our Physiotherapists in Canary Wharf and Kent use a combination of movement, exercise and manual therapy to achieve results. If you would like to arrange a consultation, get in touch with our clinic today. They may also offer aquatic therapy and other treatments like acupuncture.

Specialist Clinics


Conditions We Treat

Some of the most common issues physiotherapies can be used to treat include:

  • Ankle sprain
  • Neck pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Sciatic pain
  • Whiplash
  • Shoulder pain
  • Back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Ligament injuries

But this is by no means an exhaustive list. Physiotherapy is the use of hands-on techniques in order to rehabilitate and restore normal range of motion. A wide range of different methods are used, including joint manipulation, soft tissue massage, and fascial release to reduce the risk of recurrence, and encourage tissue healing.

Whether you need physiotherapy for a sports injury, work-related issues like RSI, chronic conditions, post-operative rehab, aches, pains, or strains, our experienced physiotherapists can help you recover.

Physiotherapy Costs

Our initial physiotherapy session starts from just £50, we also offer discounts as part of our physio packages. Please go to our prices page to get a better idea of the associated costs with our treatment. However, if you would like to find out more about physiotherapy at Lyca Health, give us a call so we can discuss the nature of this treatment along with costs, in greater detail.

What Treatments Do Physiotherapists Use?

The treatment that you receive as an individual will greatly depend on the current issues you are facing, and what the physiotherapist feels is the best treatment for you in order to address these issues. Some of the treatments that we use are:

  • Movement
  • Exercise
  • Manual Therapy
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Tissue Massage

How Long Do Treatments Last?

Consultations will take between 30 and 45 minutes depending on your condition, and the current issues you are facing. During this initial consultation, the physiotherapist will assess and diagnose your condition, as well as discuss your specific goals, and how we plan to meet those goals. Why not book your appointment today to find out more.

Opening Hours

Our opening hours for private physiotherapy appointments are as follows:
Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 20:00

We know how difficult it is to find time for appointments, so at LycaHealth Physiotherapy you can expect quick access to physiotherapists at times and locations to suit you.

How To Get Here – Physiotherapy Canary Wharf

Find information on the best way to get to our Canary Wharf clinic here.

How Are We Different To Other Physiotherapists In London?

  • So why choose Lyca Health for your physiotherapy?
  • Gain access to world-class clinicians
  • We use superior diagnostic equipment
  • We’re committed to providing high-quality personal care
  • Have access to the best physiotherapists
  • Flexible, convenient appointment times to fit around your busy schedule
  • Convenient locations you can easily get to at a time that suits you

Physiotherapy FAQs

Please see the answer to some of our most commonly asked questions on the following physiotherapy page.

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What our clients say

“I had a series of sessions to treat a knee injury which I developed whilst playing sports, and I couldn’t have received better treatment. I felt that my clinician listened to my needs and I saw progress with every appointment.”

Mr Keane