Dr Sanjay Kuravinakop

Consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthetics

Dr Kuravinakop is consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthetics. He offers treatment for a wide variety of chronic pain conditions and believes in a multimodal and multidisciplinary approach in the management of these conditions. He provides a balanced approach using non-interventional and interventional techniques.

He has been a consultant at Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust since 2013. He completed his training in the prestigious Barts and London School of Anaesthesia and joined the specialist register in 2013. His advanced training was in the field of Pain management. Having gained a wide experience in pain management he subspecialised in chronic pain medicine.

Dr Kuravinakop is the lead clinician for Chronic pain service at Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust. He currently provides comprehensive care to all his patients suffering from chronic pain. He is predominantly based at Queen Marys’ Hospital, Sidcup. He is a member of the Faculty of Pain medicine and Royal college of Anaesthetists.

In our hospital, all his patients have an initial comprehensive consultation in the clinic followed by thorough investigation/s where necessary. All the treatments offered are tailored to the patient’s needs. This thorough approach has consistently led to delivery of excellent care to all his patients.
He also works closely with colleagues in the surgical field and in allied health like physiotherapy and manual therapy. Due to this good network all his patients get the appropriate treatment in a timely fashion. He is highly regarded by his peers and patients.

His special interests are low back pain, sciatica pain, facet joint pain, neck pain, cervicogenic headaches, shoulder pain, Whiplash injuries, coccycodynia, myofacial pain, neuropathic pain, complex regional pain syndrome, chronic post-surgical pain and muscoloskeletal pains.

He offers a variety of interventional procedures in the management of different pain conditions.
• Lumbar, thoracic and caudal epidural injection of local anaesthetic and steroid.
• Lumbar and cervical facet joint medial branch radiofrequency and pulsed radiofrequency.
• Selective nerve root blocks and pulsed radio frequency of dorsal root ganglion in the cervical and lumbar regions.
• Sacroiliac joint injection and radiofrequency denervation.
• Peripheral nerve blocks – Greater and lesser occipital nerve block, supra-scapular and Genicular nerve blocks for shoulder pains and knee pains respectively.

He has been a co-author of articles published in International Journals. He has presented posters in international meetings and has been a guest speaker at local and International meetings.

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