Sports Injuries

For a private sports injuries clinic in the convenient location of Canary Wharf, East London, look no further than LycaHealth. Our sports injury rehabilitation service consists of world class physiotherapists experienced in providing effective treatment for sports injuries.

Sports Injury Clinic

We provide treatment for sports injuries, prescribe sports medicine and offer injury rehabilitation to ensure your full recovery. Our sports injury clinic is renowned for excellent quality care, so that you can focus on getting better.

Not only do we treat injuries, we also focus on sports injury prevention to encourage future physical health and wellbeing.

Some of the more common sports injuries we treat include:

  • Tennis elbow: This is an overuse injury which causes pain around your elbow and forearm.
  • Knee injuries: Osteoarthritis and damage to the anterior cruciate ligament are common issues in this area.
  • Ankle injuries: Sprains are the most common type of injury when it comes to ankles, but fractures and tendinopathies can also occur.
  • Back injury: These are usually caused by straining the back, or twisting it unnaturally. Back injuries can be serious and range from muscle strains to very painful slipped discs and fractures.

Sports injury screening

Sports injury screening at LycaHealth is comprehensive and unique. Sports injury screening and testing involves taking a full history of your training and injury history, and current physical state. Posture, flexibility, biomechanics and strength are observed and assessed.

The physiotherapist will examine your injury and use the most appropriate diagnostic screening – an ultrasound scan and/or an MRI scan – to establish the extent of the injury.

Our 3.0T MRI scanner is twice as powerful as standard machines, making it more meticulous and more likely to spot problems.

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We are able to provide support and treatment for these common injuries and more. Whether you have ongoing chronic pain or acute pain, we strive to give you the best care possible. You’ll initially be seen by one of our physiotherapists who are experienced in assessing and diagnosing sports injuries. We have state of the art diagnostic imaging facilities on site should you need an MRI, CT scan, X-ray or ultrasound. Once diagnosed you’ll be referred to the appropriate specialist for treatment and recovery.

Book an appointment with LycaHealth’s sports injuries clinic, where you will be assessed by an expert physiotherapist at your consultation, who will take into account your medical history and current condition before issuing a diagnosis. Your physiotherapist will then refer you to a specialist for treatment.

Your treatment will depend on your injury and diagnosis. For some cases of sports injury, an exercise plan will be enough to correct your injury. You may also or alternatively be prescribed medication, and in severe cases you may need to undergo surgery. Your specialist will also advise a rehabilitation plan.

  • Highly confidential service.
  • No waiting for an appointment.
  • Modern, luxury clinic.
  • Convenient Canary Wharf and Orpington locations.

Whether you need an MRI, CT, ultrasound or X-ray, you can usually be seen for assessment and screening the same day. Our clinics are open from 8am to 8pm to fit around your working hours and to ensure that there are always convenient times available. With rapid results, we can put your mind at ease so that you’re not waiting around.

At LycaHealth, our services are covered by all major medical insurance companies. You can also self-pay for treatment.

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