Alter-G (Anti-Gravity Treadmill)

Alter-G’s technology was originally developed at NASA to assist astronauts and people to maintain their fitness during a prolonged space flight. Alter-G combined this technology with a complicated pressure regulation system and a treadmill to develop the anti-gravity treadmill (Alter-G), as we know it today.

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How do Anti-Gravity Treadmills work?

During this physiotherapy treatment, the patient’s lower body is sealed within a vacuum chamber, doing this allows the lower body to be supported by the air pressure which helps to facilitate progressive loading; this is key to returning to full function of joints.

Once the anti-gravity machine is calibrated to the individual, the body support percentage is adjusted and the treadmill then operates like a regular treadmill with speed and incline adjustments. With the sides and back of the machine being clear, a physiotherapist can observe a person’s mobility and gait mechanics and feed corrective exercises for any abnormalities into the rehabilitation program.

Benefits of the Alter-G

The Alter-G physiotherapy treatment enables people to walk or run at a fraction of their actual body weight, meaning that less strain is passed through injured and recovering tissues. This is especially beneficial in the clinical setting as it can help patients to perform their rehabilitation program with less pain.

The Alter-G can be used with patients at LycaHealth who are looking to:

  • gain more strength,
  • improve their mobility,
  • maintain or build on their fitness,
  • minimise stress on an injured body part of theirs.

For injured athletes, the anti-gravity treadmill is particularly beneficial as it can help in gaining confidence, maintaining proper cardiovascular conditioning, and also retraining gait without compensation from pain or injury.

Roles of Alter-G

Read the information below to find out what an anti-gravity treadmill is used for…

Injury Prevention

Individuals can get the most out of exercise or training programs while minimising the risk of impact-related injuries and training through anti-gravity treatment.

Training & Conditioning

Training sessions can be performed at higher intensities than usual, without the repeated impact and cumulative loads of conventional treadmills of outdoor running.

Arthritis Pain Relief

There has been research which proves to support the use of body assisted support systems such as Alter-G in rehabilitation for joint pain such as arthritis, or for returning to walk after surgery or conditions like stroke problem. This is because the Alter-G can be used to restore normal walking and running mechanisms.

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The Alter-G is available at LycaHealth in Orpington, and sessions will be conducted by a trained Sports Physiotherapist, to book your Alter-G session, get in touch with the team.

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