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Providing personalised private health assessments to individuals and corporate companies at LycaHealth’s state of the art clinic in Canary Wharf, East London. Find out more about what’s involved as part of our private full body health check, and how we can help you to make lasting changes to your health and lifestyle.

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What Is A Health Assessment?

Our comprehensive private health assessments give you an overview of your current health, health issues that you are at risk of facing, as well as providing support for any specific health concerns you have. So whether you’d like a full body health check because of a specific health concern, or would like help to improve your general health overall, this service is a perfect fit.

Alongside the health assessment checks we carry out, our patients benefit from our pool of readily available specialist consultants and diagnostic imaging facilities on site should further investigations be required.

Partnering with BMI hospitals, we are also now able to provide their range of health assessments alongside our LycaHealth Ultra health assessment (coming soon), to include the full range of health screenings – Essential, Select, Advanced and Advanced Plus. Whether you’re an individual considering booking a health assessment or are looking for corporate packages such as BMI assessments, get in touch with us today.

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Preparing For Your Full Body Health Check

Generally, there is nothing specific that you need to do to prepare for your health assessment with us. Depending on the health assessment that you choose from us, and any existing conditions we can advise you on any specifics you need to do to prepare for your body check.

With our health assessments, there is no need to fast beforehand (we can let you know if this changes). We advise that you stay as hydrated as possible, but to try and avoid caffeine at least a few hours before you come to your appointment. We’ll answer any specific questions when you book in with us.

Tests Included In Our Health Assessments

Depending on which of the health assessments you opt for, there will be different tests we undertake. The basic tests we carry out as part of all assessments are as follows:

  • A general overview of your health and lifestyle
  • Measurements of various aspects such as blood pressure, body fat % and a urine analysis
  • Blood tests looking at cholesterol, blood sugar and diabetes
  • A nutritional and dietary assessment
  • Emotional health assessment
  • As well as female and male-specific tests

Our advanced health assessments include more in-depth examinations, bowel cancer checks, lung function tests, liver and thyroid function tests as well as a much greater range of female and male-specific tests.

Female Tests

All of our health assessments include female-specific tests, and for our BMI advanced plus health assessment we test for the following:

  • Breast cancer awareness
  • Breast examination
  • Cervical cancer screening (including smear and HVS if clinically appropriate)
  • Mammography – over 40 (with an additional charge)

Male Tests

Our BMI advanced plus body check includes the following tests for males:

  • Testicular cancer awareness
  • Testicular cancer examination
  • Prostate Cancer blood test (PSA) – over 50

Health Assessment Costs

Each of our health assessments is priced differently and is in accordance with the types of tests that we take.

Our BMI Essential body check starts from as little as £182.50, but you can see a full breakdown of associated fees for health assessments here.

We welcome patients who would like to self-pay, and those with medical insurance – our treatments are covered by ALL major medical insurance companies. However, please note if the cost of your treatment is to be covered by medical insurance, please ensure the relevant information is supplied prior to your appointment.

Length Of Your Health Assessment

Generally, our private health assessments take between 1 and 3 hours, however, this will be dependant on the type of health assessment you choose. When you book with us, we will let you know how long you can expect to be at our clinic.

If We Find Something Serious

If we do find something a little more serious as a result of your health assessment, we will talk this through with you in detail and let you know of the next steps we advise you to take. This could be an appointment with a GP or a specialist referral to ensure that you are seen by the right people as quickly as possible. You’re not alone, and you can trust we’ll advise the best next steps for you.

Self-funding prices

Payment for health assessments at our Canary Wharf clinic is required on the day at the time of appointment.


BMI Essential – £189.00
BMI Select – £366.00
BMI Advanced – £556.00
BMI Advanced Plus – £745.00

We are fully accredited


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