Fertility group

LycaHealth is proud to introduce its new Fertility service, run by Mr Mike Savvas, Dr Irfana Koita, and Professor Charles Kingsland.

Fertility group clinicians

The service, launched in June – will see the three specialist consultants working together to deliver a fertility triage service where patients can attend and have consultations, preliminary blood tests, Ovarian reserves tests, and undergo Ultrasound scanning all under one roof.

All three consultants are widely considered to be London’s leading specialists in their field of Fertility, conception, and IVF treatment, and we happy to have them on board leading this service.

Each patients case is reviewed by the team as a cohort group where necessary, to identify and provide the best course of treatment and tests for the patient.

If you have any queries regarding your Fertility, or would like to book an appointment to see any one of the fertility specialists, please click the ‘Book Appointment’ tab and complete the online form.

Members of the Lyca Health fertility group

  • Mr Mike Savvas
  • Dr Irfana Koita
  • Professor Charles Kingsland

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