The Benefits of Lung Screening


Screening is a medical process in which a disease is tested for when there are no symptoms or history of the disease present. Unfortunately, lung cancer doesn’t often present symptoms until the cancer has spread, making it a difficult disease to treat. That is why lung cancer screening is done to pick up the cancer in the early stages of the disease to help save lives and increase the likelihood of a successful recovery. 

Lung cancer is the third most common cancer in the UK, accounting for 13% of all cancer cases. 72% of lung cancer cases are linked to the exposure of tobacco smoke, therefore the best way to prevent lung cancer is through lifestyle. Not smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health, if you are struggling to quit smoking take a look at our top 10 tips on quitting for good. 

The NHS currently only offers a lung screening service to adults in certain parts of the UK who meet their criteria. At LycaHealth we offer thorough health assessments in which lung screening takes place. Book your lung screening appointment with us today to make your lung health a priority in your life.. 

Who should consider lung screening?

A number of risk factors make you more likely to develop lung cancer, therefore we recommend you book a screening if you fit any of the following:

  • You are over 50 and are a current or former smoker.
  • You have heavily smoked for a number of years. For example, if you have smoked a pack a day for the last 20 years. 
  • You who once smoked heavily but have since quit. For example, if you were a heavy smoker for a long time and have quit in the last 15 years.
  • You have other risk factors for lung cancer. This can include a family history of lung cancer, those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and those who have been exposed to asbestos in their workplace.

Lung cancer symptoms

If you have any symptoms of lung cancer it is important to book a GP appointment immediately. Lung cancer symptoms can include:

  • A cough that won’t go away for 2 or 3 weeks
  • A change in a cough you’ve had for a long time
  • Chest infections that keep coming back
  • An ache or pain when coughing or breathing
  • Being short of breath
  • Coughing up blood
  • Persistent tiredness / lack of energy
  • Loss of appetite or unexplained weight loss

Benefits of lung screening

The evidence suggests that screening those who have a risk of lung cancer, helps save lives. Early lung cancer health checks help work out who would benefit from a CT scan and aim to detect lung cancer at an early stage. 

Unfortunately, lung cancer is a difficult disease to treat but with early detection and treatment, the chances of recovery are much higher. If a patient is diagnosed with lung cancer at its earliest stage they have almost a 9 in 10 chance of surviving a year compared to a 1 in 5 chance at the latest stage. This is why it is important to detect the disease early to ensure treatment is successful.

If you are worried about lung cancer and are considered at higher risk of developing the disease, then book your lung cancer screening appointment with us today. 

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