Medical Mondays with Amer Khan: Consultant Orthopaedic & Sports Injury Surgeon


On Monday 24th March 2017 DilSe Radio “Talk Now” host, Deep Rajah; spoke to Lycahealth‘s Amer Khan – (Consultant Orthopaedic & Sports Injury Surgeon) about post Marathon injuries alongside his special interest and clinical advice for any listeners who may suffer from Knee or Shoulder Pain and injury.

Mr Amer Khan was educated at Kings College London, where he gained a 1st class honours in Physiology and Exercise Medicine, Mr Amer Khan was selected as part of the specialist knee team that provided acute care to injured athletes during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Amer has also been awarded the prestigious British Orthopaedic Association European Travelling Fellowship, gaining further subspecialist training; working with pioneers in arthroscopic Knee, shoulder and hip surgery in Ghent, Lyon, Annecy, Nice and Toulouse; before embarking on further fellowships in the USA and other European Centres of Excellence.

Specialising in the management of all Shoulder and Knee sports injuries to include; Arthroscopic knee surgery, ACL injury and & repair, ACL & multi-ligament knee surgery, meniscal repair and transplant surgery, cartilage regeneration surgery, shoulder surgery, and rotator cuff repair.

On Mondays episode of Medical Mondays Mr Khan highlighted that:

“Knee replacements have evolved enormously over the last decade, probably averaging between 80 thousand to 100 thousand knee replacements a year”

It is important to remember:

“What a knee replacement does not do, is address the problems with the muscles around the joint after surgery”


“This means physiotherapy may/will be required to build up the strength of the muscles around the new joint, which results in a typical recovery time of 3 months to a year. Although patients will see benefits (post-surgery) within the first few weeks. Some patients will see a rapid effect but this can vary from case to case.

“Patients who do a lot of running are prone to getting Patella Tendinopathy (a relatively common cause of pain in the inferior patellar region in athletes) & ITB syndrome (a common injury to the knee, generally associated with running, cycling, hiking or weight-lifting – especially squats)”

Mr Khan’s interview was very well received and evoked a lot of calls on his specialist areas and subject matter.

Mr Khan is available every Tuesday at LycaHealth Canary wharf where he runs his knee and Shoulder sports injury clinic form 17:00pm – 19:30pm

Mr Amer Khans key top tips for anyone who is scared or anxious about seeing a specialist:

  1. Start with a visit to your GP – He/she can refer you on to a specialist
  2. The majority of patients seen, will not require surgical operations
  3. The orthopaedic surgeon is best trained to give advice on non-operative and operative options
  4. I am available for private consultations every Tuesday from 17:00 to 19:30pm at Lycahealth.”

If you want to speak to a consultant about your health do pop in to see a member of our team at either our Canary Wharf or Orpington clinic, book an appointment by emailing us at

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