LycaHealth Is Open During National Lockdown


We would like to reassure our current and future patients that all LycaHealth clinics will remain open during the National Lockdown, announced on 4th January 2021. Lockdown measures and restrictions do not affect our ability to be able to offer healthcare services. Now, more than ever, we want to ensure that people can safely access high-quality healthcare services.

We understand that you may be worried about visiting one of our clinics at this time. Please rest assured knowing that safety measures have been implemented to minimise the spread of the infection in our clinics to keep you safe. Both our Canary Wharf and Orpington clinics have been adapted to allow for social distancing at all times and are located away from busy areas; allowing us and you to stay covid-secure.

Coronavirus In-Clinic Protocol

We have put together a COVID-19 clinical protocol to minimise the spread of the virus to keep our visitors and our team safe. Please see below:

  • When we book patients in, we are conducting a screening questionnaire over the phone to see if they have had any flu-like symptoms. If so, they will be asked to avoid attending one of our clinics.
  • All patients will be asked to bring in their own mask.
  • All patients and all staff are required to wear a mask in the clinic at all times. If a patient refuses to wear a mask, we have the right to turn them away or ask them to leave the clinic.
  • When a patient arrives at our clinic, they will stand in a taped area. Here will we take their temperature, and record this on a physical copy of their screening questionnaire.
  • All patients will be asked to use hand sanitiser upon their arrival, and also use any other extra dispensers available throughout the building.
  • Staff are cleaning surfaces before and after each patient. This includes the seating area and scanning machines.
  • Our nurses are on hand to clean the rooms after each consultant has completed their clinic.
  • The patient seating area is zoned off so that we can control the number of patients in the centre at any one time.
  • Patients must arrive at the clinic alone, this is to control the number of people within the clinic. This is with the exception of those with mobility issues, or due to medical reasons, in which case they can bring one other person with them.
  • We have 2 metre stripes throughout and signage to encourage patients to adhere to social distancing rules.
  • For our external service partners, they are following our protocol but they are also screening via their own company protocol.

If you have any questions about our coronavirus infectious control guidelines, or you are concerned in any way, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic. We hope to see you very soon.

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