What Are The Benefits of Dry January?


A very common New Years resolution is to not consume alcohol or any food which contains alcohol, it is often referred to as dry January. According to statistics from Alcohol Change, around 6.5 million people planned to do Dry January in 2020. The big question is often what are the benefits of this and how do you structure it to work for you? Here are our top benefits …..

Saving Money  

Naturally, by not spending any money on alcohol or alcohol-based products, you will be saving some money, granted, the amount does depend on how much you generally spent. On average, it can be equivalent to £200 a month. The financial aspect has been known to be an encouraging factor to reduce or stop alcohol consumption on a long term basis.

Better Sleep Quality & No Hangover

Although alcohol might help people to get some people to sleep, it can often affect the quality of your sleep and cause you to have lower energy levels when you wake up the next day. Furthermore, no alcohol does guarantee waking up with no hangovers!

Improvements in Skin & Body

As alcohol is a diuretic, which means your body will be creating more urine and ultimately result in dehydration. By removing alcohol from your diet for a period of time, you are reducing the chances of that being the reason you are dehydrated. 

A common side effect of alcohol is that it can leave your skin looking tired, puffy and it can be dry due to dehydration. However, with no alcohol in your system, combined with an appropriate amount of exercise, you will notice improvements towards healthier skin and body. 

Increased Focus

Obviously, with better sleep cycles, hydration and body health, you will find tasks that require focus and attention are going to be easier to achieve. Over time, you will notice that your metabolism and endurance will have improved significantly. 

Ultimately, over the course of the month, you will notice a variety of different changes that are often a common result of dry January. At Lycahealth, we offer a range of support to help you make choices that are best for your health. 

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