Marathon Training Tips


Dr Vik Vasishta, Lead Clinician at our Canary Wharf clinic, and also 2 x IRONMAN and 6 x marathon runner, has given his top tips for Marathon training including:

  1. Give yourself at least 20 weeks to train – especially if this is your first marathon then give yourself enough time to get used to running longer distances. This will consist of a period of time building up your aerobic base enabling you to run for 3-5hrs in an energy efficient manner.
  2. Adequate footwear – have you running gate assessed and go for a pair of trainer that suit your needs. For example, if looking for a fast time then a particular pair of shoes may be better suited than if you are just looking to complete the race. Avoid wearing carbon plated shoes for all of your runs as this can lead to loading injuries, particularly of the Achilles.
  3. Train for your course – have a look at the course you are planning to do and adapt your training to what is expected. For example, if there are hills in the back half then look to make sure you are used to running up hills when already fatigued, as this will prevent common injuries to the hamstrings and lower back.
  4. Sports massages are a must – consider incorporating a sports massage into your routine as this will help with muscle recovery and allow you to train at your peak – frequency dependent upon budget.
  5. Do not neglect strength training – this is a common issue for runners who often do nothing but run, however this can lead to injuries if your muscles are not conditioned for the increased load you are placing on them. Simple functional strength-based routines for runners can be found online and done at home often without any fitness equipment.
  6. Nutrition!! – train with the same nutrition plan that you intend to use during the race – as a general rule do not try anything new on race day as this may result in an unwanted trip to the portaloo! Aim for around 60g of carbohydrate per hour, this can be taken in many forms with gels a favourite for many including myself.

Article provided by Dr Vik Vasishta

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