How to have a healthy Christmas


As the festive season approaches, it is wise to prepare your mind and body for a season of excess.With the demands of seasonal engagements, both for business and pleasure, you can be left feeling exhausted and run-down if you don’t take steps to safeguard your health.

1. Eat well without indulging

Over the party season, it can be easy to overdo it when it comes to food. With the calendar packed with large lunches and social occasions with a bulging buffet, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet. One of the key things is to remember to always eat a healthy breakfast to help keep your blood sugars stable so you avoid the temptation to binge later in the day. Taking a nutritional supplement could also help make sure your body gets everything it needs to cope with a timetable which is even more hectic than usual. Eat a healthy snack before going to a party so it is easier to resist nibbling on canapes all evening.

2. Drink plenty of water

Whether you drink alcohol or not, it is important to keep your body hydrated. On the day of a big evening event, make an effort to drink plenty of water and choose drinks like herbal teas or diluted juice over caffeinated beverages. If you become even mildly dehydrated, you are likely to suffer from a headache which can affect your concentration and lower your productivity the next day. Alternate alcoholic drinks with a large glass of water to stay hydrated and keep a clear head.

3. Catch up on your sleep

It’s inevitable that you’re going to have some late nights over the holiday period so try to catch up on your sleep with early nights when you can. Sleep is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and not getting enough has been linked to serious medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. While the odd sleepless night isn’t going to do too much harm, it is wise not to make it a habit.

4. Get a health check

To get a detailed picture of your own health and wellbeing and what you can do to protect them, book a health check before the Christmas season gets underway. LycaHealth’s expert clinicians can diagnose any problems and advise you on any issues you may need to address.

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