Benefits Of Corporate Health Assessments


Workplace wellness is becoming increasingly popular across the UK, and this is due to a combination of factors. Employers are realising the importance of looking after their employee’s mental and physical health, not only to increase their motivation and job satisfaction levels but to help them to perform at their most productive at work.

According to research carried out by CIPD, two-fifths of businesses now have a well-being strategy to support their wider organisation strategy. What’s more, those who took part in their wellbeing survey reported that they believed that their organisation’s health and well-being activity has had positive results in the last year, most commonly better employee morale and engagement (44%), a healthier and more inclusive culture (35%) and lower sickness absence (31%). But what actually is a health assessment, how can this service be applied in the workplace and what are the business benefits of investing in them?

What Is A Health Assessment?

A health assessment involves carrying out a series of tests and examinations on an individual in order to provide them with an overview of their current health, BMI, identify any health issues that they are at risk of facing, as well as providing support for any specific health concerns that they have. Here at Lyca Health, we provide personalised private health assessments to both individuals and corporate companies, and we have a full range of health screenings available; Essential, Select, Advanced and Advanced Plus. Find out more about how we provide our private health screening to corporate companies, and how we can help your employees to make lasting changes to their health and lifestyle.

Corporate Health Assessments

Corporate health assessments and health screening packages are services that help you to better manage your employee’s health and wellbeing. Generally, corporate health screening services help to encourage attitude and behaviour changes in your employees, particularly around anxiety and stress levels which are extremely commonplace in the workplace. By lowering the levels of these, you help to lower absenteeism and raise the productivity of your employees! There are a range of different health assessment packages which are suited to different individuals’ needs, budgets and company sizes. So if you were to invest in this corporate health screening service, what are the business benefits that you’ll see?

Improve Productivity & Raise Motivation

One of the most notable benefits of health assessments is the profound impact on an employee’s productivity levels. This comes from an increase in motivation from both a physical and psychological point of view. By identifying the steps an employee can put in place to manage a healthier lifestyle, you’re actively helping them to lead a happy and more productive life both outside and inside of work. Not only this, but you’re giving them the ability to take control of their health and address any concerns they have. When employees are more productive and motivated in their day to day work, they’re likely to have lower rates of absenteeism which in turn helps them to perform more productively.

Enhance Your Benefits Package

Wellness and self-care have not only gained popularity in the workplace but also outside of the workplace. If you’re offering a benefits package which includes health assessments and screening, you’re showing to potential recruits that your business cares about the people behind it. Attract and retain the right people by showing off this attractive benefit you can offer them!

With help from Lyca Health’s Health Assessment service, we can help you to better support your employees and give them the knowledge they need to live healthier lifestyles. When your employees are at their most productive, so is your business! For more information please go to our health assessment service page, or get in touch to arrange your corporate health screening today.

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