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Do you need effective treatment for a mental health issue? LycaHealth Mental Health provides private treatment for mental health issues including depression, stress, anxiety and bipolar disorder, with our private psychiatrist in Canary Wharf.

You will receive the highest quality personal care at LycaHealth Mental Health clinic in East London. Our world class psychiatrists, dedicated nurses and admin team provide a patient-focussed environment. We get to the heart of your mental health issues and implement the correct interventions to help you recover as quickly as possible.

Bipolar Disorder
Stress at work
rTMS Treatment for Depression
Bipolar Disorder
Stress at work

What our clients say

“Dr Panihhidina has been able to help me greatly with my mental health. My anxiety was stopping me from being able to perform my job properly, but she was able to provide help right away and has been instrumental in helping me to to cope better and manage my anxiety.”

Renata, Essex.

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