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Patch testing is a test to see whether you have any allergies to things you would come into physical contact with and have an allergic reaction to. For example shampoos, cosmetics, leather, ear rings etc. This is not food allergy testing.

How does patch testing work?

The tests are applied on one’s back which should be clear. On day 1 the test strips are applied as self-adhesive panels with about 10 items in each. There are 40 or so substances that are tested and more can be added if you want to test your own cosmetic products.

This is clearly marked and left in contact for 48 hours after which the first reading is done. The final reading is usually done 72 hours later. During this period the back must not be washed for 5 days and no exercise as this can negate a patch test. At the end of 5 days the final reading is done by the doctor who will give a handout if there are any positive allergens, breaks down on sun exposure and even ordinary light. 

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