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In search of a private STI clinic in London? LycaHealth offers private sexual health screenings and STI tests at our conveniently located clinic in Canary Wharf, East London.

At LycaHealth, your wellbeing is our priority. We provide a discrete service in our private STI clinic Canary Wharf to make your visit as stress-free as possible.

If you have had unprotected sex and are worried about STIs, it’s easy to book an appointment with one of our expert GPs at a time which suits you. STI symptoms vary from infection to infection, and some have no symptoms at all. We try our best to fit you in on the same day if possible; we are committed to finding the most convenient appointment time for you.

What Is An STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection)?

Sexually transmitted infections (STDs) and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are passed from one person to another by sexual activity. This includes vaginal, anal and oral sex, and can pass from men to women, men to men and from women to women. It’s important to remember that many STIs are symptomless, so it’s worth getting tested even if you feel fine.

Common Signs Of An STI To Look Out For

Some STIs have symptoms that can look out for, these can include:

  • Ulcers, blisters or sores on the genitalia or anus
  • Unusual discharge (from either the vagina or penis)
  • Burning during urination
  • Fever
  • Pain during sex
  • Itching in the genital area
  • Lower abdominal pain

Whilst these symptoms don’t mean you necessarily have an STI, it’s important to get checked over by a doctor so that you can understand what’s causing your symptoms, and get treatment for this.

STD Tests We Carry Out:

  • Chlamydia test
  • Gonorrhoea test
  • Syphilis test
  • HIV test

Other tests can be performed for HPV, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. Most tests are quick and easy, ranging from a, to a blood test or urine sample. If you are worried that you may have an STI, book an appointment with one of our expert GPs today for a consultation. You do not need medical insurance to be seen by one of our team, and no lengthy paperwork is required. Please call our reception team on 0207 132 1440 if you would like to discuss individual tests and treatment or the prices of our other services.

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STI testing is a sensitive matter which we handle with the utmost discretion. Our sexual health clinic in Canary Wharf is welcoming, modern and professional, with experienced nurses and private GPs on hand to carry out your STI check. We offer a completely confidential and non-judgemental sexual health screening service, with tests available for all common STIs, and some results available in just 4-6 hours.

Types Of STIs

There are various STIs out there, the 4 most popular we can test for and help treat at our private sexual health clinic include:


Chlamydia is one of the most common STDs in the UK, and is passed on through unprotected sex (vaginal, anal or oral sex), sharing of sex toys or if your genitals come into contact with an infected person’s genitals. Whilst many people affected by chlamydia don’t have symptoms if you do develop symptoms you may notice pain when passing urine, unusual discharge, abdominal pain, bleeding between periods or swelling in the testicles. Generally, chlamydia can be treated with antibiotics.


Gonorrhoea is caused by bacteria called Neisseria gonorrhoeae or gonococcus. Much like chlamydia, gonorrhoea is passed through unprotected sex and sharing sex toys that aren’t washed between uses. If you notice thick green or yellow discharge (in either men or women), pain when urinating or bleeding between periods, you should get a sexual health test.


Syphilis is caused by bacteria called Treponema Pallidum and is generally caught by having sex with someone who’s infected. The symptoms of syphilis are not always obvious, however, you should look out for sores or ulcers on your genitalia, anus or inside your mouth, a blotchy red rash, small skin growths, recurrent signs of tiredness, headaches, aching joints, swollen glands or having a fever. Generally, this STI can be treated with a short course of antibiotics.


Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) attacks the human immune system through white blood cells. If left untreated, it can mean the body is more vulnerable to infections and diseases. If you think you could have HIV, it’s really important to get tested or you are risking causing damage to your immune system. Find out more about our HIV testing service here.

Why Choose To Go Private For STI Tests?

With various GUM clinics and sexual health services up and down the country, you may be wondering why should you go private? We understand that not everyone may like to be seen in a dedicated sexual health clinic and doesn’t want their results sharing on their medical record. Here at LycaHealth, we provide a highly discreet and confidential service, helping you to get the diagnosis and treatment you deserve, without the need for those details to be shared.

We also offer:

  • Same day, flexible appointment times
  • Convenient locations
  • Results within 4 – 6 hours in some cases
  • Follow up treatment can be handled fully at our clinic
  • Access to high experienced GPs and sexual health doctors

Protecting Against STIs

At our private STI clinic in Canary Wharf, we also offer a range of STI vaccinations for:

  • HPV vaccination
  • Hepatitis A vaccination
  • Hepatitis B vaccination (which is sometimes combined with Hepatitis A)

Put your mind at ease by booking your vaccinations against these common STIs.

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