Prescription & Medication

There’s no need to stress about acquiring medications when you can get private prescriptions in Canary Wharf, East London, quickly and conveniently through our LycaHealth Private GP Service. Simply make an appointment to see one of our private GPs who can prescribe prescriptions.

As a patient at LycaHealth, we want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Our GPs will look after you and take you through every step of your prescription.

We offer a dispensing service for many common medications, including, but not limited to:

  • Contraception
  • Blood pressure tablets
  • Antibiotics
  • Antacids
  • Cholesterol lowering tablets

We also provide repeat prescriptions and, for regular patients, these can sometimes be acquired without a consultation at our private GP clinic.

Book an appointment with us today to visit one of our highly skilled private GPs. We have appointment slots ranging from 15 minutes to an hour, which you can reserve at a time to suit your busy schedule. LycaHealth Private GP services are covered by all major medical insurance companies, but we also offer the option to self pay if needed.

Available at the following clinic

Canary Wharf

0207 132 1440

Open Mon – Fri 8AM to 8PM


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Often, medication can be complicated and overwhelming. However, our expert GPs ensure you are happy and confident with your private prescriptions. We’ll answer any questions you may have, including why and how you’ll take your medication, as well as the possible alternatives. Choose us for caring, comprehensive and efficient private health care in the heart of London.

The cost of your prescription will depend on the type and brand of medication you require. However, costs are determined by the actual cost of the medication, which tends to be less than the dispensing fee for NHS prescriptions.

Although we cannot guarantee availability, we are often able to see patients on the same day. For appointment availability, please do call the clinic on 0207 132 1440 and speak with a member of our team.

LycaHealth’s prescription and medication service is open from 8am to 6pm to fit around your working hours and to ensure that there are always convenient times available around your working day.

Our care at LycaHealth Private GP Service is covered by all major medical insurance companies. You can also self-pay for treatment.

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