On-Site GP Services

Invest in your corporate wellness scheme by providing your employees access to on-site GP services.

Why use On-Site GP Services?

Within London and the surrounding area, it is notoriously difficult to arrange to see a GP for various reasons. The first of which is getting an appointment with a doctor; the average waiting time is now 15 days, the longest it’s ever been. The second issue is around difficulties in attending the appointment, whether that’s due to struggling to take time out of work, or the reluctance to book a half-day off work to attend. This can lead to higher levels of presenteeism within the workplace, which poses issues in terms of productivity and employee satisfaction.

At LycaHealth, we aim to make corporate healthcare as simple and as accessible as possible. With the use of corporate GP appointments, you can bring access to a GP inhouse, keeping your employees happy, and your organisation productive.

GP on-site services

As well as providing access to GP appointments, we provide a range of other services catered around both your company’s and employees’ needs. Our corporate packages have been designed to be as flexible and bespoke as possible, giving you the option to offer services as employee-paid or as company-paid items.

We can work with you to develop a package that works best for your company. This could perhaps include offering staff pre-paid GP appointments, leaving additional access to services, tests or medication to be self-paid. Services can be billed as they are used, or paid as a fixed monthly subscription fee per member, whichever works best for you.

Services provided

Some of our on-site GP services include:

  • Prescription and medication services,
  • Sexual health screening and advice,
  • Flu vaccinations,
  • Hay fever injection,
  • Travel advice
  • Mental health support and advice,
  • Health assessments; and
  • Many more.

Getting you set up

The first step in this process is for us to understand what your organisation really needs. In doing so, we’re able to advise how our service can help form part of your wider health and wellbeing strategy.

Our corporate GP scheme is easy and free to set-up, you only pay for the hours that your on-site clinic is open. The easiest way to think about an on-site GP service is to think of it as a pop-up GP clinic within the workplace. Your employees will be able to view and book appointments using the online booking platform we create for you. We will ensure that your on-site GP clinic is efficient, and puts your staff at ease so that they can best utilise the service.

Our goal is to help play a wider part in improving workplace wellbeing in the most productive way for businesses. As part of the service we provide, we’ll continually make improvements based on what works best for your organisation.

Corporate Health Assessments

Perhaps your requirements are better suited to assessing employees for health risks relating specifically to their role? For this, our range of corporate health assessments is better suited. As part of this corporate wellbeing service, we are able to provide you with practical and clinical guidance on how to address health issues, helping employees to benefit from better health at work. Contact us today for further information on the variety of packages we have to offer.

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0207 132 1440

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Why choose LycaHealth?

  • No set-up fees, only pay for the hours your on-site clinic is open.
  • We create an online booking process for staff to arrange their own appointments.
  • Full support and guidance from our team on setting up a suitable room to create a comfortable environment for staff to attend.
  • You can choose how long the clinic sessions last and how often you have them.
  • You decide how you and your employees pay for access to the service.
  • Continual improvements based on performance.

We can support your business

Call 02071321444 or email business@lycahealth.com to find out how we can support your business with our range of on-site GP services.

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