Health Assessment: BMI Essential

Health Assessment: BMI Essential

Private health assessments are available at our clinic in Canary Wharf, East London. The BMI Essential health assessment aims to improve your health and wellbeing with a series of tests and examinations.

The Essential health assessment is ideal for those who are generally quite healthy. It combines a consultation with a nurse (up to 1 hour), with a series of tests to look at your long term health and to help prevent disease. These include a heart health risk assessment, blood tests, vision and hearing tests.

After the health assessment has been completed, you will be given a personalised medical report which will include full details of any test results, and lifestyle recommendations to reduce health risks.

A full list of the tests included in the BMI Essential health assessment is included below:

BMI Essential £182.50
(2018 price)
Comprehensive medical and lifestyle questionnaire
Lifestyle consultation with nurse
Personalised medical report approved by nurse
Blood Pressure
Resting heart rate
Body mass index (height to weight ratio)
Waist to hip ratio
Body fat %
Urine analysis (kidney function, infection, diabetes)
*Blood tests
Lipid (cholesterol) profile
Glucose level (blood sugar)
HbA1c (diabetes)
Outline Investigations
Cardiovascular risk score
Nutritional and dietary assessment
Emotional health assessment
Female Specific Tests
Breast cancer awareness
Male specific Tests
Testicular cancer awareness

*8 hour fast required for accurate blood analysis.

If any tests are not clinically appropriate for you, your doctor will advise you.

For more information about booking the BMI Essential health assessment, call our National Enquiry Centre on: 0800 004 600.

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