Health Assessment: BMI Advanced Plus

Health Assessment: BMI Advanced Plus

The BMI Advanced Plus private health assessment is a comprehensive health screening, available at LycaHealth clinic in Canary Wharf, East London.

Health assessments are ideal for discovering any underlying health issues early on. The Advanced Plus health assessment consists of thorough testing and examinations which have been carefully selected to give you a full picture of your overall health.

The Advanced Plus health assessment takes 3 hours and includes a consultation with a nurse, a comprehensive examination of your cardiovascular system, and an hour consultation with a doctor who will also perform a physical examination.

Once your health check is completed, we will share with you a personalised medical report which will detail any findings and lifestyle recommendations.

Below you will find a list of the tests included in the Advanced Plus health assessment:

BMI Advanced Plus £719
(2018 price)
Comprehensive medical and lifestyle questionnaire
Lifestyle consultation with a nurse
In depth consultation with a doctor
Physical examination with a doctor
Personalised medical report approved by a GP
Blood Pressure
Resting heart rate
Body mass index (height to weight ratio)
Waist to hip ratio
Body Fat %
Urine analysis (kidney function, infection, diabetes)
Resting ECG (heart)
Faecal immunochemical test – bowel cancer – over 40s
Detailed lung function test
*Blood tests
Lipid (cholesterol) profile
Glucose level (blood sugar)
HbA1c (diabetes)
Full blood count
Kidney function
Uric acid (gout)
Liver Function
Thyroid function test (TSH)
Outline Investigations
Nutritional and dietary assessment
Muscle and joint assessment
Emotional health assessment
Cardiovascular risk score
Exercise ECG
Female Specific Tests
Breast cancer awareness
Breast examination
Cervical cancer screening
(including smear and HVS if clinically appropriate)
**Mammography – over 40 (F)
Male specific Tests
Testicular cancer awareness
Testicular cancer examination
Prostate Cancer blood test (PSA) – over 50 (M)

*8 hour fast required for accurate blood analysis

**Additional costs apply

We can make onward referrals within the BMI Healthcare network if your health assessment turns up something that needs a closer look.

If any tests are not clinically appropriate for you, your doctor will advise you.
For more information about booking the BMI Advanced Plus health assessment, call our National Enquiry Centre on: 0800 004 600.

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Why LycaHealth Health Assessments?

  • Highly experienced GPs
  • Superior diagnostic equipment
  • Access to world class clinicians
  • High quality personal care
  • Convenient locations

What our clients say

“Booking was really quick and easy over the phone and the facilities were second to none – a far cry from your average GP surgery or medical centre. I was really please with the amount of time I spent with both the nurse and the doctor, and felt they both listened attentively and responded to my concerns thoroughly. The report which arrived after the assessment was incredibly detailed and I will be taking on board the recommendations and advice.”

Vanessa, Kidbrooke.