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LycaHealth Insights: Consultant Psychiatrist Filippo Passetti “Minimising stress and the risk of burn-out”

20th July 2017

Entrepreneurship is the ultimate accolade for every budding business man and woman. But as we all know, the pathway to success is riddled with long days, long nights, and woe betide you if you expect to see your family whilst trying to build your business from the bottom up!

With this in mind, it is easy for each and every one of us to focus all our energy on output, reaching goals, hitting targets, and ultimately making money; however it’s even easier whilst doing this to neglect our health and well being; and when this comes a head – we break down and become completely unproductive, lethargic and uninspired; AKA “Burn-out”.

According to LycaHealth’s Consulatant Psychiatrist Dr Filippo Passetti there are key ways for entrepreneurs to minimise stress and the risk of burnout, and to boost their well-being.

Tackle stress, don’t ignore it!

The initial symptoms and signs of stress (the ‘dark side’ of pressure) are often ignored by high-achievers. They may even consider those as part and parcel of being successful. Thus, treatment is rarely sought early on.

Signs and symptoms of stress should not be ignored, as they can escalate without intervention.

Stress can be tackled head-on by making small, positive changes to your lifestyle. By investing in your own health, you can decrease your chances of burnout and lead a happier, healthier life.

Listen to your body

When under pressure, we often ignore seemingly-minor health concerns, rather than address them. If you experience prolonged periods of tiredness, continued coughs and colds (a sign of lowered immune system response, which may be brought about by stress), or a general feeling of being ‘under the weather’ that persists for a long time, ask yourself if this is your body trying to tell you something. Seeing a healthcare professional early may help prevent a minor issue becoming more significant.

Invest in your health

Entrepreneurs can at times treat clients better than they treat themselves. Try and think about it this way: investing time in your own well-being will pay dividends as ultimately you’ll have more energy and vigor to invest in your business.

Regard your healthcare appointments as you would any business meeting with a valued client. Schedule regular check-ups with your clinic, commit to them, and act on the suggested follow-up steps.

Consider your healthcare and well-being costs as an essential expenditure: much like a business lunch or a networking event. Running your own business means constant investing: in companies, in people… and also in yourself.

Understand and manage your lifestyle

Work days can be unpredictable, unrelenting and very long. Weekends can be non-existent. Yet you must understand when you need rest and recovery, which may be difficult if your job does not involve a fixed routine. A healthcare professional who learns to understand your unique lifestyle and pressures may help you prioritise your health care needs when you would otherwise forget to look after yourself.

Be aware of the warning signs

Consider seeing a healthcare professional if you notice any of these warning signs:

  1. Your sleep has become disrupted
  2. You feel tired all the time
  3. You feel isolated or disconnected from others
  4. Your body aches and you feel generally unwell
  5. You smoke or drink alcohol to relieve stress
  6. You have a nagging health concern that you keep ignoring
  7. You feel anxious or restless more often than usual
  8. You have lost your appetite or have developed preference for unhealthy foods

Know your worth

In the entrepreneurial world, many people define success as when others want to invest in you.

Being healthy can help you: if you are feeling well, you will also look confident and inspire confidence in others.

Make sure you protect and invest in, the greatest asset you have at your disposal: yourself.

Dr Passetti trained in psychiatry in Cambridge and in London, where he held lectureships and consultant positions. In Cambridge, he also completed a PhD in Psychology. He is a general adult psychiatrist with Royal College of Psychiatrists endorsement for addictions. He has published on a range of topics in addiction and cognitive neuropsychology.

He is an expert in providing diagnosis and treatment for the full range of psychological disorders, including:

  • Stress-related disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Bipolar affective disorders
  • Adult ADHD
  • Personality disorders
  • Addictive disorders: substance use disorders, the behavioural addictions (gambling, gaming, the internet) and impulse control disorders (eg sex, eating).

Dr Filippo Passetti: Consultant Psychologist is available for appointments at LycaHealth Canary Wharf, he runs a regular clinic on Monday Mornings, and he also can be booked for ad-hoc appointment upon request.

To book an appointment with Dr Filippo Passetti please call: 0207 132 1440 or visit:

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