Lyca Insights: Dr Yiannis Kallis- Liver Specialist on World Hepatitis Day

31st July 2017

World Hepatitis Day is today. It is an annual event to raise both public and institutional awareness of chronic hepatitis B (HBV) and chronic hepatitis C infection (HCV). The ambitious aim of this and other efforts is to the eliminate the worldwide burden of viral hepatitis over the next 15 years. HBV and HCV infection … Continued

Lyca Insights: Consultant Endocrinologist Dr Abbi Lulsegged on Coffee

11th July 2017

Coffee is back in favour! Previously, concerns that coffee caused adrenaline levels to rise contributing to the risk of diabetes and heart disease was enough to put potential coffee drinkers off. However, recent studies looking at over half a million Europeans and another focusing on over 185,000 people from more diverse backgrounds documented coffee drinkers … Continued

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