Dr Najma Khan-Bourne

Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, Chartered Psychologist (BPS), Registered Practitioner Psychologist (HCPC)


Services delivered

Dr Najma Khan-Bourne first received a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Leed in 1994. Since then she has continued to develop her expertise and gained an MSc in Human Nutrition from the University of Sheffield, a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the London Institue of Psychiatry and a qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology from the British Psychological Society.



Dr Najma Khan-Bourne works at the following clinics

Canary Wharf

0207 132 1440


01689 490 111

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Professional Membership & Registration 

Assistant Fellow, British Psychological Society (BPS) 

Entered on Specialist Register of Division of Neuropsychology (BPS) 

Full Member of the Division of Neuropsychology (BPS) 

Member of Division of Clinical Psychology (BPS) 

Member of HCPC 

Member of OPSYRIS (Organisation of Psychological Research in Stroke)


Peer Reviewed 

Gargalas S, Weeks R, Khan-Bourne N, Shotbolt P, Simblett S, Ashraf L, Doyle C,  Bancroft V, David A. (2015) Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. 

Morris RG, Khan-Bourne N. Bioethics and the capacity to consent – A pragmatic  approach (2015). Cortex. 2015 Jun 3. 

National Clinical Guideline for Stroke (2012), Prepared by the Intercollegiate Stroke  Working Party. Fourth edition 2012 

Khan-Bourne, N. & Brown, R.G. (2003). Cognitive behaviour therapy for the  treatment of depression in individuals with brain injury. Neuropsychological  Rehabilitation,13 (1/2), 89-107. 

Book and Paper Reviews  

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: A Guide for the Practising Clinician (2002). Gregoris Simos (Ed); Brunner-Routledge, New York: in Behaviour Research and  Therapy, 41(2003) 630-631

Cognitive Psychotherapy Toward a New Millennium: Scientific Foundations and  Clinical Practice (2002). T. Scrimali and L. Grimaldi (Eds); Kluwer Academic /  Plenum Publishers, New York: in Behaviour Research and Therapy. 

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