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Irina Panihhidina

Consultant Psychiatrist

MD, Assoc MRCPsych, CCST


Dr Irina Panihhidina qualified as a Medical Doctor with First Class Honours and underwent post-graduate training in General Psychiatry in Estonia. She has broadened her professional education at various international organisations, including the Open Medical Institute in Austria, and has presented at the World Psychiatric Association in both St Petersburg, and Hiroshima, Japan.

Granted the Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training, Dr Panihhidina moved to London and continued working for NHS as a Specialty Doctor in Adult Psychiatry. Her work has led her to developing a special interest in the treatment of mood disorders, including complex depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety and maladjustment crises, personality dysfunction and chronic pain related difficulties as well as psychotic disorders. She has participated in research and published work on anxiety related topics, and also conducts teaching sessions on suicide and self-harm prevention for medical students at University College London.

Dr Panihhidina has been awarded associate membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and actively participates in the Clinical Leadership Programme in the NHS, providing training for general practitioners on psychopharmacology related topics. She appreciates the importance of both pharmacological and psychological approaches in treatment of psychiatrics conditions. Her capability of tailoring treatment specifically to individuals helps to achieve impressive results.

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Irina Panihhidina

Special interests

Mood disorders: including Complex Depression and Bipolar Disorder
Anxiety and Maladjustment Crises
Personality Dysfunction
Chronic Pain Related Difficulties
Psychotic Disorders

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