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Gordon Muir

Consultant Urological Surgeon



Gordon Muir has been a consultant urologist at King’s College Hospital since 1996. He specialises in the minimally invasive diagnosis and management of prostate problems, and male sexual dysfunction. While speedy diagnosis is essential where there is pathology, it is just as vital to have rapid reassurance for the majority who do not have a serious problem. In many areas of private practice the diagnostic norm is multiple visits taking several weeks.

He offers one stop clinics in the following areas:
·       Haematuria
·       Male Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
·       Testicular and Scrotal Lumps
·       Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection
·       Erectile Dysfunction
·       Male Pelvic Pain
·       Urinary Stones

In addition patients with suspicion of Prostate Cancer or Renal Tumours can be managed using enhanced diagnostic pathways leading to diagnosis within one week. His recent research has involved new techniques for treating men with urinary symptoms (particularly high risk patients,) and also preserving men’s sexual function. He is a pioneer of laser prostatectomy and the new Urolift technique, as well as minimally invasive diagnostics  and focal therapy for prostate cancer.”

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Gordon Muir

Special interests

Minimally invasive treatment of prostate disease and prostate cancer. Urological laser surgery, Erectile dysfunction and andrology

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