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Brian Gould

Consultant Cardiologist



Dr Brian Gould qualified from St Mary’s Hospital University of London in 1973 and chose to begin his training at Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Welwyn Garden City in order to develop wide experience. His interest in cardiology developed whilst working in the cardiothoracic department at the Brook Hospital in 1977.

In 1979 Dr Gould started work as a research registrar at Northwick Park Hospital where he undertook clinical research into the viability and accuracy of recording patients’ blood pressure at home. Up to this time it was very rare for patients to measure their blood pressure themselves, there were no mass produced portable monitors. These all followed in the years after he completed his research. This led Dr Gould to write his MD thesis as well as publishing in excess of 35 research papers in leading medical journals including the British Medical Journal, The Lancet and Circulation. He also had the privilege to present his research at many prestigious international meetings around the world.

Dr Gould was subsequently appointed as Senior Registrar to the Plymouth/Bristol rotation in 1984. Moving onto Bristol Royal Infirmary in 1988 where he continued to develop his cardiac skills, Dr Gould proceeded to learn about a very new and exciting procedure i.e. Angioplasty, which had just started in the mid 1980’s.

He was appointed as Consultant Cardiologist to Queen Mary’s Hospital in 1989. At that time there was no cardiology department. He built up an extensive cardiac department from scratch relying on generating income from non NHS sources as well as the Heartbeat appeal which he conceived and ran in the early 1990’s.This allowed the department to be equipped with the state of the art monitoring and diagnostic equipment. “In keeping with many other consultant cardiologists at that time I developed my angioplasty skills at the Brook and St Thomas’ hospitals”.

As a consultant in a district general hospital Dr Gould had a wide experience of all aspects of cardiac care from heart attacks – angina, heart failure, heart valve problems, palpitations and hypertension.

He continues to have an active interest in coronary angiography,

Dr Gould only works in the private sector as he left the NHS 4 years ago.

Dr Gould undertook diagnostic coronary angiography at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, and previously undertook more complex cases as well as angioplasty/stenting at St Thomas’ Hospital.

In April 1993 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians.

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Brian Gould

Special interests

The treatment of coronary artery disease
Treatment of angina and heart attack
Coronary angiography
Heart failure - where the work of the heart is inefficient due to problems with the heart muscle – myocardium
The diagnosis and investigation of Valvular Heart Disease
The diagnosis and treatment of palpitations
Atrial fibrillation
Valvular heart disease
Raised cholesterol

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