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Don’t stress out! It could break your heart

20th February 2017

Stress appears inextricably embedded in contemporary working life and in our psyche. Regardless of what your job is, we almost take it for granted that stress will be part and parcel of your daily routine. There is no doubt that the physiological effects of stress are detrimental to all aspects of health. Stress elevates levels … Continued

Does love actually affect your heart?

15th February 2017

We continue our theme of Love Your Heart by taking a look at the physical affects Love actually has on your heart. As many of you will know first-hand what happens when Cupid’s arrow strikes: the quickening of the heart, the near-breathlessness, the flushed cheeks. However, did you know that there are real biological processes … Continued

Valentines Day .. a great day to Love Your Heart

14th February 2017

Love Your Heart Valentine’s Day is the day that Cupid’s arrow pierces the hearts of lovers and draws them closer together. Cupid’s arrows aside, it’s important to follow a heart-healthy lifestyle to prevent cardiac disease and damage. We thought we’d take this day to remind ourselves of a few essential tips to Loving Your Heart! … Continued