Darren Gillett

Consultant ENT Surgeon



Mr Darren Gillet is an experienced practitioner and decorated researcher. Mr Gillet has more than 20 years experience as a doctor and has been a consultant since 2008, treating a variety of ENT related concerns in patients of all ages. Mr Gillet also offers an esteemed research background, with more than 20 peer reviewed articles published in prestigious journals.

In 2006, he was awarded an observership at The Causse Ear Clinic, Bezier, France, by the prestigious TWJ foundation due to his work.

Mr Gillet has developed a particular sub-speciality in otology and ear surgery, but is experienced and versatile in several areas of ENT including salivary gland disease, rhinology, and hearing loss to name a few.

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Darren Gillett

Special interests

General ENT (All ages)
Mastoid disease
hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo
Nasal obstruction and allergy
Voice disorder
Salivary gland disease

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