Syed Yamir Zia Ahsan

Consultant Cardiology



Dr Syed Ahsan is a consultant cardiologist and heart rhythm specialist at the Heart Hospital, which is part of University College London. He treats patients with a range of cardiac conditions and symptoms, including chest pains and high blood pressure. He performs ablation procedures to treat arrhythmias and implants all types of cardiac devices. Syed is also a consultant at North Middlesex University Hospital where his practice includes all aspects of adult cardiology. Syed graduated in 2000 from Guys Kings and St Thomas’ Medical School before going on to complete specialist training in cardiology at various London hospitals. For his postgraduate medical doctorate, which was awarded by University College London, he evaluated strategies to optimise outcomes in patients with cardiac rhythm devices. His research saw him win the Royal Society of Medicine National Prize in 2009.

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Syed Yamir Zia Ahsan

Special interests

General Cardiology
Heart Rhythm Disorders (arrhythmia)
Atrial Fibrillation, SVT
Palpitations,Dizziness and Blackouts
Cardiac pacing devices

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